Congratulations to the Winners of our 2016 Awards

We were delighted to recognise the achievements and contributions made by so many of our members this year.

The following recipients were recognised and awarded at our 2016 Symposium hosted by James Cook University, Townsville.



Field Placement Recognition Awards


Melanie Hemy


“Melanie’s optimism, creativity, capacity to negotiate, and ability to assist students to problem-solve workable placement options have ensured that no student has been unable to complete a viable and valuable social work field placement. Melanie is a strong leader in field education. She is a trusted and reliable colleague, always willing to help others, from her own University or from other Universities, always with the best interests of students at heart.”


Monica Short


 “While her work in the day to running of field education is excellent it is the innovative models for research that she has introduced that I wish to highlight. The outcomes of these groups has resulted in a number of publications and conference presentations…Monica has been championing this model and has recently contributed a book chapter on the topic. In field education at CSU this has become an important strategy for contributing to social work knowledge and supporting our colleagues in the field.”


Patricia Muncey & Team

(Cécile​ Dutreix, Fiona Lawrence, Seshni Pillay, Robby Drake, Sophie Diamandi, Kirsty Rogerson & Kalpana Goel)


(Patricia and her team) have designed an excellent system for preparing students, placing them and assessing them in a wide diversity of placements, including special preparation for international students.  Patricia has also been instrumental in driving the development of new placement opportunities for students, including placements in the health and schools sectors.”


Helen Betts


“Helen Betts and her team of academics, community members and students have developed a model of placement that delivers high quality practical place based learning for our professions emerging practitioners. The model has been successful in forging Community-University partnerships; encouraged community based research; immersed  students in community development  learning opportunities and most importantly provided community infrastructure within an impoverish high need area. “


Fotina Hardy

“Dr Hardy drives significant innovations to advance the work of the field education unit (FEU) through the implementation and evaluation of innovative models of field placement… She received a grant to use digital technology to create a whole of semester suite of learning resources that integrates 4 academic units while students are in the practice setting. She is a champion of the profession, actively engaged as president of the AASW QLD Branch. Dr Hardy creates significant opportunities for students to engage in learning additional to placement such as through Homeless Connect events, professional development forums, North Coast Health Check Day, rallies and forums.”


Sophie Diamandi

“Social Work academic Sophie Diamandi has worked tirelessly to ensure professional and innovative placements for many hundreds social work and human services students, for decades. Her inspiring and warm leadership has ensured students have flourished under her guidance… Sophie has mentored and guided many students, especially those from overseas, refugees and students from non-English speaking backgrounds. ..With Flinders University colleagues Sophie and team have also created an exciting new collaborative agreement with Government Health providers to enable new exciting field learning opportunities for students.”


Briony Foster 

“Despite being extremely busy in her FACS role she always models high quality practice and excellence in expectations and implementation of practice. ACU students have been lucky to have gained from Briony and her FACS context and experience.”


Jenny Rose

“Jenny has contributed to field learning for over 7 years in every semester for ACU students… She has located innovative research and policy projects that will also benefit the workforce. She also remains committed to the ongoing support of students who require learning support and always models high quality and excellence in expectations and implementation of practice”


Therese Jones-Mutton, Wendy Bowles, Bruce Valentine, Jenny McKinnon


“All four social workers have been actively reviewing the current RPL process for social field education for our university…My colleagues work is ensuring an outstanding quality learning experience for social work students eligible for RPL and I commend them and their achievements.”


Social Work Educator Awards


Ines Zuchowski


“Dr Zuchowski is a rising star in social work field education in Australia. After what can only be described as an inconceivably short passage of time, Ines has gained national and international recognition for her work in social work field education… She has offered significant contribution and leadership to the organizing committee of the upcoming ANSWWER conference in Townsville including the Field Education day.  Overall Ines has contributed to innovative advancement and scholarship in social work field education.”


Lauren Tyrrell

“Lauren is the Senior Social Worker working part time at the Community Rehabilitation Centre in North Geelong. Lauren participates in a number of ways in the Student program at Barwon Health.  Lauren was integral in setting up the reflective peer supervision program with the students in 2013, and remains actively involved. Despite her senior role, heavy work load and part time position, she takes on the teaching role with enthusiasm and energy, and inspires students to critically reflect on their learning, their language and their use of self. Lauren is a strong advocate for the program and will support her team members and those she supervises to take on a field educator role.”


Active Social Media Presence Awards


Lynelle Wattslynelle-watts

“Lynelle as of today (2/8/20160 has 4551 tweets, is following more than a 1000 people and has nearly 700 followers. It is my experience that if we share something on twitter she will often re-tweet the tweet. Some of her tweets are quirky reminders that we are humans and have interests beyond social work, however, most of them are focus on topics relevant to social work and social work welfare with social justice and human rights at the heart.”


Cate Thomas


“Cate Thomas has been a visible, powerful and fearless social work voice in the media. She has
been engaging in debates about social issues and advocating for social inclusion, social justice, dignity and respect for those without a voice in rural Australia and beyond.”


Editorial Services Awards



Liz Beddoe & Susan Gair

The Editorial Services award is given in recognition of exemplary service in building the Advances in social work and welfare journal.

This service has involved vision, skill, dedication, and attention to detail


Best Abstract Award

Carole Adamson

Carole’s abstract was chosen as not only did it fit perfectly with the conference themes,

it also challenged our thinking to go beyond current practice

“Redefining family: the inclusion of animals in the social work curriculum”