We were delighted to recognise the achievements and contributions made by so many of our members this year. The following recipients were recognised and awarded at our 2014 Symposium. Congratulations everyone!

2014 The Most Active Social Media Presence Awards

Tricia Fronek of Griffith University was recognised for her significant contributions to social issues through her Podsocs website and also through her use of social media. 

Liz Beddoe of Auckland University was also recognised for her sustained use of twitter to advocate social issues and also for her generosity in encouraging and teaching others to use twitter!


2014 Community Service Award

Cate Hudson from University of South Australia was recognised for her parenting project that she has run over the last four years – supporting parents in rural and isolated areas. 


2014 Field Placement Recognition Awards

Joanne Williams, Matt Seaman, and Hilary Gallagher –  for their Student Hubb project.  This project is a collaboration between field education staff in Southern Cross and Griffith Universities, and was celebrated for the way it enhanced the number, calibre and quality of student placements.  

Patricia Muncey from University of South Australia was also recognised for her sensitive and effective approach to responding to the learning needs of international students.


2014 Best Social Work Educator Award

Lesley Chenoweth was recognised for her outstanding contribution to the scholarship of teaching in social work.


2014 Best Abstract Award

Patricia Muncey & Mary Duncan, for their paper “Developing sustainable social work placements in schools: An initiative between University of South Australia, Flinders University and Kids Matter”.